Feral Paws Rescue Group

501(c)3 Non Profit

Associated Angels

Courtney Cisneros-Schmall
    Fundraising Coordinator - Fresno

She works with us in choreographing the scheduling our volunteers, specifically their hours.

Plus Courtney interviews prospective volunteers, as well as handling special projects at our Adoption Center.  She works a full time job and still finds time do volunteer with our rescue group.

Would you like to volunteer to help us? CLICK HERE

Thomas Norris

   Senior-to-Senior Program Volunteer - Fresno

We are proud to have Thomas as a part of our Senior-to-Senior program, where he is the team leader watching over all the cats going into the Senior program at the St. Agnes Senior home setting in Fresno. He is also the one that brings the seniors to our Adoption Center to view the senior cats. Thomas reports back to Paula personally if their are issues with any of the senior cats that have been placed . He is a remarkable member of our team!

If you are a senior and would like to know more about our Senior-to-Senior Program:  CLICK HERE

Rocky Hunsaker

   Construction - Fresno

When family believes in your journey, then you know you are on the right track. Rocky has been here from the beginning, and he has made a special footprint in the scope and advocacy of FPRG. 

We couldn't begin to do the things we've accomplished without his level of expertise and knowledge. He brings special talents to our FPRG team in Fresno.

If you have a Mr. Fix It background and would like to volunteer with us, please let us know!

CLICK HERE to contact us.

Helen  "Mama" Hunsaker
   Board Vice President, Treasurer

Helen has been working with FPRG since 1999 in caring for feral cats and helping to tame them for placement. She personally has several feral cats that she has been able to tame and are now house cats. Helen has spent hours in caring for kittens and adult cats. She states, "I have seen the horror in so many ways that the human race treats cats. It's heart breaking in the manner and environment we have found the cats living in, and knowing that they  just wanted to be loved and cared for. FPRG has changed my view point on the human race with all the horrors I am seeing and callous carelessness these cats have to endure. When you have a pet for 17 years and you can take it to a high kill shelter and surrender it, knowing that it will be killed in three days, I just don't get how humans can do this. This has been your pet for all these years! What has happened to the compassion of the human race?"
Timothy Cisneros
   Main Rescue Volunteer and Maintance

When it comes to volunteers who do a little bit of everything, then Timothy is our guy.  He is indispensable in the various activities he helps with at our Adoption Center, and is a great team player.  Everybody should be so lucky to work with somebody this compassionate about cats.

If you would like to volunteer:  CLICK HERE

Becky Cisneros 
  Main Rescue Coordinator for Volunteers

Becky has been indispensable when it comes to helping with our cat transports, and other special projects. She takes volunteering to a whole new level. We thank her for her energy and humor.
JOJO ~ Future CEO of FPRG.org!
Faithful volunteer who knows the in's and out's of our operation, and doesn't hesitate to inform us of the correct way to doing things. He loves all the kitties, and Jelly was our first adopted kitty...his!
Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation
Dr. LeRoy LeBeuf - Rescue Veterinarian

Dr. LeBeuf is the is our rescue's amazing vet for over seven years. He treats every single cat we rescue prior to adoption or placement.  He checks each of our cats for any medical needs. Doc also performs spay/neuters, microchips, and vaccinations for our cats. He believes, as does our rescue, that it is wrong to put down healthy animals. We are very fortunate to have such a compassionate vet to help care for our cats.  Thank you, Doc!

Denice - Office Manager - Vet Tech
  Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation

Denice has been our angel when caring for our rescued cats, working alongside our Rescue Vet, Dr. LeBeuf.  Her professionalism is awesome!
Diane - Receptionist - Office Guru!
   Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation

Diane is indispensable in her many roles in caring for animals, and especially for our rescued cats. We always enjoy your welcoming sunny smile.
Varinder Mann, DVM
   Care Veterinary Hospital 

Dr. Mann is our relief veterinary doctor in Fresno. We appreciate your dedication and service to our kitties.
Isabell Csaki
    Paw Parent - So. California Adoption Team

Some people merely talk about cat advocacy, but Isabell actually walks the talk. She, along with other volunteers, are at local PetSmart and PetCo businesses with rescued cats from the Southern California area, finding cats forever homes. She speaks her mind, and is very passionate about safeguarding the lives of cats everywhere!
CCSPCA/Ruthelaine's Grooming Salon
  Fresno, California

Our Rescue Groomer! Thank you for being so good to our kitties  >^..^<
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Debbie Underwood
  Transporter - Adoption Event Staff

She is an unstoppable force and we a very happy to have Debbie as a part of our FPRG Team!

Our awesome Facebook team: 
           Lucy Curtis 
           Becky Freeman-Evu
           Jennie Masanz
All of our Facebook Team works hard to provide the most recent, up-to-date information about what our rescue efforts are...the happy moments, and the sad and frustrating moments in our quest to save more cats from high-kill shelters.  Thank you for all you do!
Jesse Lockwood
   Felines First, Oregon

An amazing rescue that has such a big heart where cats are concerned. We admire their energy and professionalism. We are very happy to be partnered with such a great organization.
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