Feral Paws Rescue Group

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Items in our web store benefit Feral Paws Rescue Group. We are a 501(c)3 non profit rescue group that works on saving cats from high kill shelters.

Our rescue group was founded in 1999, where we began the rescue of feral cats. In 2010, we began to help the cat(s) in high kill shelters.

When a cat is taken to the shelter by a owner, they are only given three (3) days to be adopted and after that they are killed. When a cat is picked up by animal control as a stray they are given five (5) days, and if they are not adopted, then they are killed. These are the facts.

It is not easy pulling (rescuing) geriatric cats who have suffered tremendous stress after being handed over to a high kill shelter, where the downward spiral begins. Loud, slamming cage doors, stainless steel walls and the cold - hard floor of a cage. Food they are not used to or sometimes cannot even eat due to dental problems. But staff doesn't care to check if they have teeth or not. These cats begin to shut down and give up. Our rescue group works very hard to save the lives of these cats that enter a high kill shelter.

Our rescue is a no kill rescue group. All the cats here at our adoption center are from a high kill shelter. Save A Life Adopt A Shelter Cat.

You should know that the money raised from the sale of items from our webstore will benefit our rescue cats from the high-kill shelters that are now at our adoption center. You can help us keep saving cats from  high kill shelters by buying one of the items from our web store.


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