Feral Paws Rescue Group

501(c)3 Non Profit

   We're glad you love cats, too!

Our Rescue Group Saves Cats In High Kill Shelters Who Only Have Less Than Five Days Prior To Being Killed

We are a rescue, not a shelter.  We do not kill any animals here at our rescue.  In fact, we do not advocate the killing of animals and wish all shelters would adopt a "no kill" policy.  Many of the animals that we rescue end up living out their days here, as some are not adoptable, which may be due to their age, medical issues, socialization issues, or inability to handle children or other animals.  Some are also pets that have been unwanted by relatives when their owners have passed on. 

We try to facilitate the adoption of all animals referred to us that we feel would be good companions.  Also, we try to help those that are in transition to find foster homes while they are seeking permanent adoption.  You should know that we are very selective about which animals we bring into our rescue so that they will adapt well with the ones already residing here.  

We have wonderful kittens and adult cats ready for adoption. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

We work with many rescue groups in helping the public to understand the meaning of a feral cat and the TNR (trap and release) program. We also offer help to those people who are interested in starting a TNR program in their area. Feral cats don't need to be killed...and I can't express that enough! We do not support any program that kills feral cats.  We are backed by the PETA and Alley Cats organization, and we work from donations and volunteer help.

The very sad part of being in rescue... is that this is what we see every day walking into the shelter's knowing they will all die in a few days.  Its hard to be in rescue and see this every single day over and over... it takes a toll on us all dealing with trying to save a life. Then the question is who do we save and who do we leave behind? Our rescue never leaves family members behind NEVER !!
How can anyone walk away from these faces... and not have it affect you, when you know that your donation could help save them. Help us save them...please.
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