Feral Paws Rescue Group

501(c)3 Non Profit

Feral Paws History

Everybody has a story, and ours is a long journey in learning all we could about feral cats. Where they lived, how they lived, what they ate, how they were treated, and their medical needs.

Our story started over ten years ago with Avenal State Prison, where we developed their Feral Cat Program, involving staff and inmates. This program started out well, filled with hope -- but it became a nightmare. Fortunately, we were able to rescue 521 cats from off the prison grounds. The inmates really liked working in the feral cat program, as it gave them a sense of accomplishment and pride. The warden was another matter.

We don't back down from adversity -- it makes us stronger!  CLICK HERE  to see the full story
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Sometimes you are fortunate to have extra special people grace your life, and here are two women who had a profound effect on our rescue...

Joyce Bicknell

We are extremely sad to announce the passing of our dear friend Joyce Bicknell, who has been a leading fixture in the genesis of Feral Paws Rescue Group.

Joyce was our spokesperson when were were just starting out on this long and loving journey of advocacy for cats. She was also involved with many other worthwhile animal advocacy groups: Chaffee Zoo (docent and volunteer in the Education Department), Zoological Society (first female President), founder of Fresno Wildlife and Rehabilitation, and served as an adviser to other animal groups. Her leadership and compassion is the foundation we will continue to build upon. She will be missed, greatly, but we will always hear her words of wisdom.  With deep respect, thank you, Joyce.


Esme Wood, DVM

Past Board of Director and Rescue Veterinarian

It is with our deepest sorrow that we announce the passing of Dr. Wood (wife of our Rescue Vet, Dr. LeRoy LeBeuf).  She was a much beloved veterinarian in the San Fernando Valley, and eventually moved her family up to Fresno, CA. There she met, worked with, and married Dr. LeRoy LeBeuf, blending their love of kids, animals and motorcycle touring. Eventually Esme retired in 1998, but kept active by serving on several boards: Kings Canyon Veterinary Foundation, Veterinary Emergency Services, Inc, and Feral Paws Rescue in Fresno. She was known for her positive attitude in the face of adversity and touched many lives over the years.

In dedication, we are naming our Cattery:   The Esme Wood Cattery Room.

We sincerely thank Dr. Wood for all her help and advice over the years...she will be missed greatly, and will forever be in our hearts and we know she will be watching over our kitties.