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We have been fortunate to have many people write about our rescue.
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Thank you to those of you who have made it possible for us, through your donations, to be able to save cats from high kill shelters.
Let's give a shelter cat a second chance at having a safe and loving forever home! 

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November 2013 - Dylan-Beth, Colorado

"Wanted to thank Paula and Feral Paws for helping me locate Spider! Spider was one of two cats Paula helped me pull from Lancaster last November/December and have transported here to me in Colorado. Spider escaped about two weeks ago; I had an ad on Craigslist and my husband had been going to the shelter every few days, but I had just about given up hope. Paula called me yesterday to say that my lo...cal shelter had Spider and had tracked her down through his microchip, which was still registered to her. They might have put him down had she not diligently worked to keep him alive until I could be found or transport could be arranged to get him back to her in California. Tonight my Spider is safe at home with me because of Paula and Feral Paws. Thank you so, so much!"

January 2014 - Tina Greenbank

"FPR you ARE Miracles in Motion, thank-you so much !!"

January 2014 - Jennie M., Wisconsin

I have to post how wonderful this group is and how deserving they are of your support! Not only am I a cat lover but I also have a collection of rescued house rabbits. I live in Wisconsin and a post was going around of a REW (ruby-eyed-white) rabbit that was due to be PTS any minute. A little research showed that the bunny was at Lancaster! A message to Paula at Feral Paws was all it took. She contacted her puller and found out that there were FIVE rabbits at Feral all kept... in the isolation room with little chance of adoption. In fact, 3 were PTS before we got to them. We put my name on the surviving two and Chrissy went to pull them for me, found out that the REW had an adoption agreement (YAY). Today we found out this little Holland Lop has medical issues and had to be pulled before even neuter/spay surgery. So poor Chrissy got a telephone crash course in bunny care and has him among her other rescues waiting to see the vet in the morning and hopefully on his way soon to come to me! Along with this, we heard of 18+ other bunnies red-lined in the LA area. Within 12 hours we had funds to pull ALL 18 bunnies, a driver to a rabbit rescue in TX, and funds for transportation and medical plus a good lead on fosters. Bless you, Feral Paws for starting out the chain of life here!!! Continue supporting this rescue... they are the REAL DEAL!!   [ See more on "saved bunnies" at our blog:  CLICK HERE ]
January 2014 - Nancy D-D, Chicago

"Feral Paws is the best rescue group I have ever seen. I wish every rescue took the care that Feral Paws does. They are 100 percent NO KILL. They also don't believe in declawing. They have such wonderful security for their locations. I wish every rescue was as good as Feral Paws." 

See her beloved Bon Bon's story:  click here
March 2014 - Jackie M, UK

"Please support this rescue, doesn't matter what country your in. I support them along with my friends xxxxx "

...from one of our many friends from around the world!
2014 - Maryann M.

"You guys rock!! Thank you for saving.g Bingo!
I pray he'll get better soon and into a loving home.
The picture is beautiful so fitting a beautiful senior ;)
Thanks again!!"