Feral Paws Rescue Group

501(c)3 Non Profit

Cats Ready For Adoption and Cat of the Month

We are a small rescue group dedicated to saving cats and kittens from certain death in California's high-kill shelters.

We believe every cat deserves a chance at life, including
  • domestic cats,
  • feral cats,
  • seniors,
  • and special needs cats 

Since 1999 we have rescued hundreds of cats. We have also TNR over 500 hundred cats at several state prison colonies.

Our message is simple: please find a home for your cat(s). Do not surrender them to a high-kill shelter, because they are most likely going to die within days.

Only 25% of cats are adopted from shelters, the rest are either euthanized, escape, or are found dead in cages.  Sounds harsh, we know, but these are the facts that we deal with each and every day.

To see our new "Cat of the Month" kitties, please scroll down. Enjoy!

If you would like to see one of our cats, please email us to set up an appointment, or phone our Adoption Center at 559-412-7226. 
Please understand that the cats listed are on a first approved, first adopted basis.

All cats adopted through our rescue group are entitled to a free veterinary check up with our
Rescue Vet.  Our policy is that if you are unable to keep this cat for any reason, we will take the cat back without any questions.  We never want to see them back in a high-kill shelter again!

MONTHLY Adoption Events
held at Tractor Supply, 1630 Herndon Avenue, Clovis, CA 93611. Check our calendar if you're not sure of the date, which we list on our homepage, too. Thank you to everybody who always comes out to see our kitties and spend some time with us.

  You can view some of our wonderful kitties that are ready for adoption at Adopt-A-Pet.com, please CLICK HERE

Cat Of The Month!


Please meet...


Cody has been ADOPTED!

July Cat of the Month
Each month we will feature a "Cat of the Month" ~ one of our special fur babies + updates!

Our 2017 Kitties of the Month:

JANUARY 2017 ~ Zippy
This is my story: Click Here
UPDATE:  She Has Been Adopted!
APRIL 2017 ~ Sam
This is my story:  Click Here
UPDATE:  He has been adopted!
JULY 2017 ~ Cody
This is my story:  Click Here
UPDATE:  He has been adopted!
FEBRUARY 2017 ~ Zippy
This is my story:  Click Here
UPDATE:  She Has Been Adopted!
MAY 2017 ~ Whiskey
This is my story:  Click Here
UPDATE: She is available for adoption.

MARCH 2017 ~ Snow Puff
This is my story: Click Here
UPDATE:  He is available for adoption.

JUNE 2017 ~ Dizzy
This is my story:  Click Here
UPDATE:  She has been adopted!